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rethink possible. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. we begin tonight with developing news from the north bay. three bodies have been found inside a home near forestville.
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the property is off highway 116 on ross station road. this was the scene from news chopper 2 just a short while ago. thousands of officers you see there have swarmed the area. they've put up crime tape and are currently combing the property. according to the santa rosa press democrat three men were found shot to death inside the home which as you can see there is located in a heavily wooded area. late this afternoon, fairfield police released the first images of a 13-year-old girl who was found dead in a park there. ktvu's paul chambers is joining us now where he's been following the investigation all day. what are investigators saying about this case. >> reporter: they are being very tight lipped but several hours ago they released her identity and a picture of her crossing the intersection moments before she was last seen. and you can see here there's a
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growing memorial in her honor. genelle conway-allen is a girl many people did not know but all day people have been coming here to light candles and say a prayer. >> we were looking in our car for a stuffed animal so we could set out there for the poor girl. >> reporter: right now the family is coming together at this tragic time. as they remember a young girl gone too soon. >> this is sad. it just sickens me. i have three daughters myself. >> reporter: police have not released the name of the girl. police released this photo which was taken minutes before genelle was last seen. and on saturday. her body was found naked by a
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passer by. >> if they're doing the investigation and they have to keep whatever to themselves to find out whoever did this to her i'm fine with that. as long as they keep it out there and they find who did this. >> as long as they want to keep it private but we're in this community ourself and we need to be arm with that information too. >> reporter: investigators ask if you know anything about this case that you give them a call. tomorrow police are hold a press conference to give an update on the investigation. and tomorrow her family will hold a candle lit vigil right here in her honor. police say 24-year-old noe delgado left the scene of the accident on chesapeake drive in pittsburg last night. a 29-year-old woman was in the crosswalk at around 5:45 with her 1-year-old son and 7-year- old daughter when they were all hit. the children are now out of the
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hospital. the mother is being treated for nonlife threatening injuries. a man from oakland accused of firing shots into a crowd at oakland's first friday event last week. 19-year-old to -- donald everett parks jr. was arraigned today. the criminal complaint against him says that he assaulted a woman. three people were wounded and kiante campbell was killed in last friday's shooting. parks has not yet been charged in relation to campbell's death. but police say the investigation is still ongoing. a san jose city council is said to take a stand in the legal battle of same-sex marriage in california. today the city council decided to take a vote next tuesday on whether to join the san francisco friend of the court. the supreme court will hold argumenting on the legal argument of proposition eight. >> we need to stand up on behalf of our residents and on
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behalf of all the members of lgbt community and on to show them that we believe in the equal treatment of all. the california supreme court heard arguments in san francisco today on whether cities and counties can legally ban marijuana dispensaries. since medical marijuana was legalized in california in 1996, about 200 cities and counties have placed bans or moratoriums on pot clubs. the state supreme court is hearing a challenge to a ban in the city of river side. >> if you were to allow these institutions to be banned. county by county, city by city, that is exactly the opposite of what the legislature was trying to accomplish which is to make this available throughout the state. >> today's special session was held at the university of san francisco law school in honor of that university's 100th anniversary. the court has 90 days to issue its decision. tomorrow the city of concord may move closer to
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banning marijuana growing operations outdoors. in december, the city council asked the city attorney to write up a proposed ban. residents complained about the smell of pot growing and expressed concern about crime. the planning commission will take up the issue at its meeting tomorrow night at 7:00. san francisco leaders say they will be celebrating this valentine's day with a global effort to end violence against women and children. supporters of the b day awareness movement are organizers a splash mob. >> i think it's really important for men to show up and really stand up because this is not about women. this is about all of us and again real men do not abuse other people. they certainly do not abuse more vulnerable people and they do not abuse women. >> we posted more information under web links on our home page. there you can find a video of the dance that organizers plan to perform. the 49ers packed up their
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gear today and hugged each other goodbye. robert handa live in santa clara where he heard from players and also coach harbaugh as they look to the future. robert. >> reporter: here at 49er headquarters today players and coaches seemed ready to put the super bowl off behind them. as we said during our 5:00 newscast. the new santa clara stadium makes it easier to keep looking toward the future. but the team is not looking further than next year for the super bowl. >> reporter: the team cleaned out lockers and said goodbye to players, coaches and staff. but players pointed out one thing didn't go away, their goal of a sixth nfl championship. >> the quest of six never ended just because we lost yesterday doesn't mean the quest ended. we are still continuing it. >> reporter: many players told us they will take a few weeks off to rest and heal and then continue. >> it's going to take a lot of
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hard work. we're going to have to do a little bit more to make sure we win. >> reporter: coach harbaugh says the team has the talent to win it all. but says that some players may be recruited by other teams and some players could become free agents. >> one of our strengths is our togetherness. and there's a brotherhood on this team. so you know we'll strive very hard to keep that going. >> harbaugh also says no decision has been made about quarterback alex smith. >> you can't have enough good quarterbacks. >> whatever alex finds the best situation for him and his family. and whether he'll be going some where else or stay here, we wish him nothing but the best. >> reporter: many fans outside of the complex say they still want alex smith to stay but -- >> look at who's in there now. and we'll keep going as a
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family. >> reporter: live in santa clara, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. our complete coverage of the 49ers trip to the super bowl continues on if you go there you can watch video of their homecoming and also hear more from the players as they look back on their season. a large earthquake has hit the south pacific triggering tsunami warnings. the usgs say it is quake registered 8.0 and was center in the pacific ocean about 50 miles west of the solomon islands. the earthquake triggered tsunami warnings for fiji. there are no reports of any damage or injuries. legal troubles are mounting for standard and poors. today state attorney general harris filed a suit on the heels of a federal lawsuit. she said california's public pension funds invested heavily in mortgage backed securities based on s & & p's good
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ratings. >> there's no question it was outrageous. and there's no question that s & p held itself out to be an independent vester when in fact, they were a very invested. the maker of farmville and other social media said it lost $48.6 million in the quarter. that's a big improvement from a year ago when zynga lost $35 million. zyga shares rose more than 7% in after hours trading. in sa -- sacramento a new strategy has followed a hit-and- run debt. katherine was leaving flowers for a man killed by a suspected drunk driver when she herself was struck and killed. the accident happened last
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night near the scene of the first fatal crash on el camino avenue. >> she was a wonderful woman. just trying to show some love. and an accident happened. >> reporter: police say the driver in this case pulled over and is cooperating. witnesses say a street light in the area was out and that may have contributed to that accident. san francisco police released surveillance video of a burglar today who stole computers from home near at&t park. police say the man forced his way inside through the back door of a home on third street 12 days ago. he stole 3mac book computers, cash an antique tool chest. police are putting out the video as part of a larger push to get the public's help in solving cases. milpitas police are issuing a warning about a scam involving people who impersonate a police officer and a debt collector on the phone. in mid-january, the scammers called a woman and said she owed money. they told her if she at no time pay she would be arrested.
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police say the scammers convinced that woman to send around $3,000 worth of prepaid visa cards. police say you should never give out personal financial information over the phone. >> coming up in eight minutes i'll pinpoint when you can expect an end to these dry conditions. >> then -- >> pauly came from a long way and is looking for a new home. we'll tell you how you can turn your next vacation into a rescue mission. >> but first -- >> familiar words in most government readings. why one bay city is considering doing away with the pledge.
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it comes at the beginning of every city council meeting. but today council members in el
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cerrito will consider if they should stop doing it. john sasaki has the debate over the pledge of allegiance. >> reporter: the city council will be meeting million -- will be meeting in just about five minutes here. like always they will start it with the pledge of allegiance. then they will consider whether they should do away with the pledge of allegiance. >> these el cerrito students have grown up with the pledge of allegiance. but at the city council of el cerrito, they will decide if they should do away with it. >> i thought should we modify it, does it serve us or not doing the pledge. >> reporter: mark friedman proposed the idea of doing away with the pledge. the pledge was created for school children in 1892. in saying it you were making a promise to be true to the united states. >> i think they should keep it.
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it's been in our country for a long time and that's all i have to say. >> i came to the states and i believe in saying the pledge of allegiance when i'm told. whether it's in a classroom or big event. >> reporter: but friedman expresses the concerns some of his constituents have raised. >> some people don't like to say under god. or pledging allegiance under the flag as a symbol. >> when you think of what the nation was founded on. one nation under god. i mean it's on our money. >> well the pledge isn't but god is. we found most city residents want to keep it but one man could see getting rid of it. >> mostly it's the under god line that i have an issue with. >> reporter: and coming up on the 10:00 news, we will tell you the results of any vote the council takes on that vote. brown delivers. jerry brown today announced a
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new ups fleet of zero emission electric vehicles. the announcement is part of governor brown's executive order pushing for widespread deployment of zero emission vehicles in the state. in addition to the environmental benefits the fleet was manufactured in stockton. the new trucks will roll out around the sacramento and bakersfield areas. the dta is turning vacations into rescue missions. christien kafton is talking about bringing back dogs from hawaii for adoption here in the mainland. >> that's right. pauly here is a beneficiary of that program. he came here with a chaperone from kawai and he's looking for a home here in the bay area. >> they're very friendly. we're able to put them up for adoption right away. >> reporter: pauly was a resident of kauia. >> we're looking at a home for pauly. he's been here for one week. that's not a long time by any
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standard. >> reporter: kauai humane society is inundated for dogs. it's not unusual for a person drop off a dozen or more puppies at one time. >> if we had a puppy here at the shelter it's usually adopted in a day or two. but over there they don't have that many people that are able to adopt and animals can sit for several months at a time. >> reporter: in december the shelter in kauia and the shelter here began a program. the dogs are brought to the spca and eventually adopted out. >> so far we've had 12 dogs since december. and they've all been adopted except pauly. >> reporter: travelers said they would be happy to chaperone the dog. >> absolutely. we do go to hawaii very often and i'm a huge alaska member. so i would greatfully help that
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out. >> reporter: at this point the shelter is only taking one dog from hawaii per week. they say these dogs don't impact their ability to adopt out any local dogs. this is one cute pooch here. so still looking for a home. we're live here in oakland, christien kafton, ktvu channel two news? a majority of facebook users have taken a break from the site. the research study says 60% of users have suspended their use of facebook for a week or more. people say they are just too busy to keep up. some say they are tired of the drama. others say they spend too much time on the site. privacy and security issues are low on that list of concerns. and we're tracking the large earthquake that occurred down in the southern hemisphere. let's take a look at it. large 8.0. they are in this whole area out
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here there's tsunami warnings in such in there area and such. we're watching closely to see if anything gets triggered for hawaii because that would be a trigger for us. maybe we can see something in the west coast. when i say triggered, tsunami watch center will issue a tsunami watch but we have not seen that yet. so here's how it breaks down for us. we have some showers moving through the forecast tomorrow. as they do -- not tomorrow on thursday. as they do the clouds will begin to increase. tomorrow is your okay day. we start off with clouds and low clouds. more sunshine tomorrow wednesday than we had today. then we get into thursday and the clouds increase. they thicken up. we get a chance for showers. but we will get showers. but that does not make rainfall season there. .05 to 2.5 and .25. that's optimistic. i think most of us will see .1 to .50 of an inch as this system lumbers through very
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quickly. here's how this computer system sees it. tomorrow is a nice day. a little fog in the valley. here comes thursday morning commute. 7:00a.m. thursday morning. you got wet roadways. it's in the south bay at :00 a.m. then it moves on. you can tell how widely scattered, it should be a strong rain producer in terms of inches of rain but more like .00 of inches of rain. this is a cold system and that's why we're getting these sort of sparse rainfall. this is the lowest it can get. snow is going to be down there in the western area. snow accumulations they get three or four inches. that will be for them. the forecast for highs a little warmer than today. tomorrow is going to be a nice day. then sunday or not sunday. then on thursday. >> wishful thinking. >> i'm thinking about the tsunami weather center. if they trigger something in
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hawaii we have to think about, what are they thinking. >> keep us posted on that. thank you bill. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. an update on the news we're following in the north bay where there are reports of three bodies founded in a home. >> the writing on the pavement reads bus only but in a few years it could be bikes only on either side of mission street. we'll tell you about the transit change san francisco city leaders are considering. >> join us at 7:00 on tv 36. >> we're going to take a short break, back in a moment.
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continuing coverage on breaking news. >> ken pritchett has just arrived on the scene. ken what have you learned. >> reporter: unfortunately we don't have very much information at all. that's because investigators have not yet been made available to talk to us. we were outside the residence where the crime scene tape is strong. and we are waiting for a public information officer to come over. we have been told that they know the press is here and that at some point they are going to come over and give us some information. we have not been able to confirm whether three people were shot and killed here
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although those are the reports that are coming out. a command posthas been set up by the sonoma county sheriff's department. and investigators are here at the scene. flood lights are shut off because it is now dark. my understanding is the location the shooting took place, the reported shootings took place is about 100-yard beyond the crime tape where we are. there's a second house out of our view here at the driveway that is apparently down a hill and surrounded by some rather dense vegetation. and that is where crime scene investigators are working right now. gathering evidence and presumably taking pictures and trying to if i can -- trying to figure out exactly what happened here. in addition to having little information ability victims we know nothing at all about suspects. we're going to remain here and gather as much information as we can. once we have something we will pass it along at 7:00 and tonight on the 10:00.
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news. we're in unincorporated sobasta pool. >> thank you ken. it's going to be a long night over there for investigators and ken. and mark join us. a very emotional day for the 49ers cleaning out their lockers. >> bittersweet you might say. certainly not the farewell that fellow 49ers wanted to have with their teammates as we go to the santa clara locker room scene that you see most every year. some of the equipment people folding up the jerseys and packing it up for next year of course. and a lot of the players saying their final goodbyes and signing various items. and there is vernon davis who had a sensational super bowl. but they didn't get the prize they wanted. however coach harbaugh decided to look to the future instead of dwelling on the past. >> next for our team is, some r
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& r. i think our players, our coaches have spent everything they have at this point. and a couple of weeks to recharge the battery. but also thinking, thinking while we're doing that on how to get an edge. everybody is going to want to have a lens to look at this season or look at this last game or the final plays of the game. but, our lens really has to be, it's the toughest one to look through is how can, how can i improve? >> that's going to take some time. here's some rough video for 49er fans to look at. this was supposed to be on market street in san francisco. the super bowl parade but instead it's back in baltimore. as the ravens celebrate their super bowl. hard fought victory and you have to say deserved victory for them and there is the lombardy trophy making it through some of the fans. this is just tough video for 49er fans and i'm sure the
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players to look at too. because that parade was supposed to be -- >> it sure was. >> it was almost here. 5yards away. >> yeah, 5 yards and -- >> yeah, right. i like the spot. it will be some day. >> a reminder we're following that development situation. the very latest on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 and tonight on the 10:00 news. thanks for joining us.

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